Startup Salon looks to the future for September’s event in Dogpatch Labs

If you have a startup or work with a startup in Ireland, chances are that you’ve heard of Startup Salon before.

Since 2015 Startup Salon has been inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dream of working for themselves. The events delve into the heart and soul of ideas, and the blood, sweat and tears involved in executing them.  

The next edition takes place in Dublin’s Dogpatch Labs on September 7th at 6pm where panelists and attendees will be taking a look into the future…

“According to many experts the next industrial revolution is upon us and it will be driven by purpose as much as profit. So aspiring entrepreneurs looking to create successful technology businesses; this one is a not-to-miss!”

With this in mind, a panel of founders and industry experts will share their thoughts on everything from sustainability and future cities to social enterprise and IOT.

The panel is made up of:

The series was created by Janice Valentine, founder of Great Life Distillery, to support people who are at the beginning of their journey to set up their own business.

There is a consistent theme that runs throughout all of Startup Salon’s events, exploring the purpose of founders in today’s startups and how they use technology to have an impact on the world.  

The organisation makes a conscious effort to support diversity through facilitating connections with all kinds of people with all kinds of ideas. And not every event is all about tech either, Startup Salon events include stories from a wide variety of industries, including fashion, food, lifestyle and many more. 

The main aim of the events is to give people with wide ranging interests a common ground to connect, collaborate and learn.

So if it sounds like your cup of tea, you can find out more about the event and grab ticket here

Featured Image Source: Startup Salon (Facebook)

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