So You Want To Work In Dublin Tech? Chapter One: The Search Begins

Sponsored by CPL Recruitment: If you’re new to Dublin, entering the tech recruitment market brings with it a competitive advantage.

Tech skills are in high demand and the sector as a whole is growing at a furious rate. However, finding a job in tech can be complicated. It’s not really about who you know but what you know and, more importantly, what you can do with it. So, when entering this unfamiliar environment with little to no leads how can you get the most out of it?

Explore the ecosystem:
Networking opportunities are everywhere: one of the best first steps is to dive into the active meetup scene. The Startup Digest is the perfect accessory for this. It is a useful personalised calendar that will notify you of all the meetups that happen across the city each month.

Groups such as Dublin R, Hackers and Founders, and Data Scientists Ireland provide an energetic environment to collaborate, delve into the latest developments, upskill, and network with the tech trailblazers. You can find your next boss at a meetup while also learning about neural networks or volcano eruption prediction.

These groups, as well as local tech recruiters (cue shameless plug), will be invaluable resource for finding out which companies are hiring and how to apply.

Know the landscape:
Choosing a new job isn’t just about the work. There are some crucial practicalities to consider like accommodation, facilities and transport. You’ll find plenty of useful information on life in the city on Visit Dublin, as well as a handy map of Dublin’s tech sector. If you’re looking for even more accuracy in your tech maps, Zartis provide plenty of detail in their interactive version. Dublin has its own unique transport infrastructure, so make sure you understand where you want to live, where you want to work and how the two relate journey-wise.

Above all else, take the initiative
While you’re making the move, it’s vital that you keep developing your skills. The number one thing employers love to see in tech applicants is self-directed learning. It shows real dedication and love for what you do.

Post your code on Github and get involved in one of Dublin’s many hackathons. Block Hackathon, for example, opens its doors to all creative ideas with prizes up for grabs for the most innovative projects and mentors on hand to help (if required). TOG is a shared space in Dublin that allows its members to work on their projects in a creative and inspiring environment. It offers both a fantastic learning experience and can be the key differentiator between you and that graduate who sat on their degree post-graduation.

In Dublin, your career has the potential to move as quickly as the industry itself. That’s probably why you moved here. Don’t take this thriving tech culture for granted. Finding a job will still involve some serious graft, and you’re going to have to get creative to get attention. Work the system, establish contacts, do your research, collaborate and innovate.

Do all this, and you can create your own competitive advantage.

To be continued…

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