Curious about how to scale? Product Camp Dublin wants to help…

 “I don’t have time.” It’s something we all say.  But it’s a lie.

Here’s some old news: Time is the ultimate democracy.  All day every day, you, your customers and your competitors have 24/7.  With time, as with all resources, it’s about how you use it.  It’s about prioritisation.

In a busy market place and a busy product development environment, you’re aiming for two things – profitability and customer focus. So what should you be prioritising?

This is where product management comes in.

Representing the customer, the market and keeping an eye competitors, the product management function is also concerned with profitability.  Product management sits at the interface between engineering, finance, marketing communications, and the market.  It can be a lonely place.

And that’s where Product Camp Dublin comes in.

Product Camp Dublin is part of an international network of ‘unconferences’ that are designed to be free and collaborative. They are run by volunteers and enabled by sponsors with the aim of facilitating learning, networking and sharing for product management professionals and collaborators.

At Product Camp there are no “attendees,” since everyone participates in some manner. This means you get the opportunity present, lead roundtable discussions, share your experiences, help with logistics, help secure sponsorships, or volunteer. Product Camp is a great opportunity for you to learn from, teach to, and network with professionals involved in the product management, marketing, and the development process!

For the fifth year running, Dublin Institute of Technology and Technology Ireland’s Software Skillnet are leading the supporters of the event. Workday, winner of the Best Workplaces in Ireland, are also in on the fun (one of their core values) as a headline sponsor. 

Product management professionals come to Product Camp to learn from, teach and network with their peers from startups, established Irish multinationals and global organisations with a presence in Dublin.

Product Camp Dublin takes place on June 15th.  You can register here.  Arrive for free sponsored lunch at 12pm here . You will be able to vote on the day for the sessions you’d like to see!

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