Toolbox: 10 Irish Tech People Abroad You Should Follow on Twitter

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Dublin’s tech scene produces world-class talent, so it’s no surprise that some of our best and brightest now live abroad. If you’re looking for your fellow Irish in a foreign country or just intrigued about how we’re doing abroad, then this second part of our series of Toolbox Twitter lists is for you.

1. Claire Lee:
A self-professed ‘opinionated optimist’, Lee works for Silicon Valley Bank (no prizes for where she’s based in the US, then…) and her Twitter feed is glimpse of life in the buzzing tech capital of the world.


Pat Phelan:
Based in New York, the Trustev CEO is worth following if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like when your startup goes global.

3. Cillian Kieran:
Now living in New York, Kieran is the founder of CKSK, an international creative agency. Expect lots of marketing and design-related tweets, as well as a candid look at life in the Big Apple.

4. Paul Kenny:
The prize for the most globe-trotting in one Twitter feed goes to Paul Kenny, who travels between Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and the US in his role as founder and Chief Executive Officer of as well as investing in startups like Box of Awesome. Follow for a look at a life lived on multiple continents.  

5. Mark Little:
You’re probably already following the former RTE presenter and CEO of Storyful, since the company went global and was sold to Newscorp back in 2013. But if you’re not, then click follow right now – he’s one of our biggest success stories, currently in perpetual orbital between Dublin and NYC.

6. Brenda O’Connell:
The director of BD at Twitter EMEA and founder of CoderDojo Paris lives in “airports, mostly”. Her tweets are great for a look inside one of the biggest multinationals based in Dublin.

7. Grainne Baron:
Baron is the CEO and founder of Viddyad, the Irish instant advertising startup making waves in the US. She lives in San Francisco and shares all the glorious weirdness of the city, as well as championing Irish tech.

8. Dylan Collins:
DC is super awesome. He also happens to be CEO of SuperAwesome (best startup name ever?) and a veteran of the Irish tech scene, having founded Jolt Online and Demonware. He lives in London now, where’s he’s always tweeting (and writing) suitably awesome things.

9. Liam Casey:
Casey tweets from somewhere between Shenzhen, Cork and San Francisco – quite the culture mix!– as founder and CEO of PCH International, a supply chain management and product development company with 2014 revenues of over $1bn. Last month, they purchased Fact: he knows what he’s talking about.

10. Connor Murphy:
The Datahug founder now lives in Berlin, but grew up in Cork, left to work in the US, then returned to launch his startup in Kerry… before moving it to Dublin. He remains a key connector for the Irish tech scene, and an essential person to follow.

Image by Bart Busschots

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