Tech Humans Of Dublin # 8: Ronan Perceval, Phorest

Ronan Perceval

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

Why do I run my business from Dublin? Honestly? Because I like being here. It suits me. We started in Ireland, doing software for hair and beauty salons – we now have 70 per cent of the market in Ireland, in the UK we’ve got 15 per cent, but we’re growing really quickly – we’re already the largest Cloud provider. Beyond that, we’ve got big ambitions, we want to be the biggest worldwide in what we do, so the next big market for us is the US. We did a soft launch there last year we’re signing up ten to fifteen salons a month at the moment, we’re just getting started. We’ve been operating for nine years, and we know what we do really well. We know our clients.

It’s a great time for startups in Dublin – good software developers are like gold dust, and there’s a lot of big companies and startups chasing the same talent. There definitely isn’t enough talent here to fill the jobs going, but people are moving here, which is good. When we were trying to hire people back in the boom times – not necessarily techies but an accountant, or a marketing person, it was hard to convince them to join a startup because they were like ‘Tech… ugh’. Now it’s great, we’re the ‘sexy industry’. People want to join us over taking a gig in a bank, or a property company.

Something I like to do in Dublin? I’ve just moved to Glasnevin,  I live literally 500 yards from The Gravedigger’s Pub, up there by Glasnevin Cemetery – and on a sunny day you can sit on the grass circle outside having a pint and a chat. That’s always pretty great.

Ronan Perceval is the founder and CEO of Phorest, a SaaS solution for hairdressers, spas, and beauty salon owners, and the founder of Demonware

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