Tech Humans of Dublin #6: Paul Hayes of BeachHut PR, Flounders and Startup Wake

Paul Hayes Beach Hut PR

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

I find the people in Irish tech fascinating. And my day, as a PR guy for the tech industry, comprises trying to help bring all their fascinating stories out.

Why I love Dublin: a good commute adds years to your life. And what I love about Dublin is I get to go up and down between two canals on my silly scooter visiting fascinating people, and they’re all just in this condensed cauldron that just feels un-forced and natural.

Dublin is real. It’s been a real place since before the Vikings got here. It makes no sense but it makes sense to us. I’m in the business of hype, but Dublin doesn’t need hype. The substance of what’s going on here is real, and we just need the rest of the world to discover it quicker.

Paul Hayes is the founder of BeachHut PR, and works with fast-growing tech companies. He’s also the host of Flounders, the club for failed founders, and the founder of Startup Wake, tonight at DCU’s Ryan Academy.

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