Tech Humans Of Dublin # 5: Mary Moloney, Global CEO, CoderDojo

Mary Moloney Coderdojo

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

‘There’s an amazing culture among people in the tech industry in Ireland – everybody is in the mode of collaboration, rather than competition, they’re all for the boats rising together, rather than one doing better than the others. You see a lot of companies offering support, connecting people with other people, sharing their networks – it’s a manageable scale as well, with everybody close geographically speaking. You see a lot of VCs popping in and out of various startups here in the Silicon Docks. What I see in a lot of the startups around town is people very conscious about what they’re making – what need is it addressing, and is it something people pay for? They know their business.

A lot of people from the startup community here are now starting Dojos of their own, and participating as mentors with our projects – it’s great to see that talent being shared, and people giving back.

I’m just back from SXSW in Austin, and I was at the Global Entrepreneurship conference in Milan, and when you say you’re Irish there’s an immediate welcome, everybody’s really enthusiastic to hear about what we’re doing and are very positive about the outlook for Irish businesses. I still love coming home: I love the vibrancy of this city, I love the youthfulness, when you go out on a Thursday night there’s a real buzz around town – people seem to be enjoying life. I love Bikram Yoga, bizarrely. My reputation for standing on my head in bizarre circumstances precedes me.’


Mary Moloney is Global CEO of CoderDojo, an organization helping young people between 7 and 17 develop the coding, programming and computer literacy skills. 

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