Tech Humans of Dublin # 4: Conor Stanley, Tribal VC

Conor Stanley

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

I think the size of this town is what makes it work, it’s what forces people to get off the island early. At the same time you’ve got a great city, with brilliant amenities, it’s bounced back really well over the last couple of years, with a lot of international diversity, both in the types of companies being built and the people building them. In this building alone, there are sixteen different nationalities working away – that’s a massively positive thing. Dublin is booming and vibrant again, it’s got its mojo back.

What makes it different? Dublin’s a global village, it’s small but it’s big and internationally minded at the same time. It’s a great place to raise a family, and to travel to and from – you can get to New York in five or six hours. Or you can be in the Dublin mountains on your bike, which I do, in twenty minutes. You meet lots of interesting people, everywhere you go. It’s the people that make it.


Conor Stanley is the founder of Tribal VC, an early stage venture fund and co-location hub based on Dublin’s South William Street.

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