Tech Humans Of Dublin # 3: Owen Keegan, Dublin City Council

Owen Keegan Dublin City Council

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

Dublin City Council is the largest local authority in the state. We’re a major supporter of the Commissioner For Startups, and we’re very keen as part of our broader economic development brief to give more support to the startup sector, which is growing at a phenomenal rate. I manage an organization of around 6000 employees, who bring a wide range of services to the citizens of Dublin. What do I enjoy most about my job? The range of issues I might deal with on any given day. There’s always a fantastic buzz around the city. It’s a fantastically liveable place.

I’m from Blackrock, I feel like it’s a tremendous privilege to have been born here, then to get to study and live here. I’ve got kids all over the world, and while they were happy to move abroad and get experience, they’re all keen to come back. I think they recognise the advantages that Dublin has to offer.

I love swimming in the sea. This is one of the few places you can swim all year round: there’s very good water quality, and it’s free. I like it out by Seapoint – too many posers at the 40 Foot (laughs). It’s nice and quiet, you can just get into the water, and forget about everything. That said, the water’s tidal, so you do have to be careful you don’t get swept away.

Owen Keegan is Chief Executive of Dublin City Council.

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