Tech Humans Of Dublin # 25: Darragh Doyle, Digital Polymath

Darragh Doyle

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

What do I do? Good question.

Over the years I’ve been the Social Manager for, which is still Ireland’s biggest community website, I worked with Riverdance for a number of years, I was the Community Manager for, which was an online initiative to gather the Irish diaspora, I’ve worked with RTE on a number of projects, I recently helped to organize the Swipe summit for the Sunday Business Post, I talk about tech and startups on Newstalk every week – right now, I’m working on Once The Musical, which is coming to Dublin soon. I feel like I’ve been online for far too long (laughs).

I would have described myself as a Community Manager, these days it’s more like audience development. People need somebody to tell others about them. One of the problems, especially in tech, is that people don’t necessarily have the time – or the skills – to get up and tell everyone else about what they’re doing. Social media in general in Ireland is still relatively young, in terms of occupying the mainstream. I used to be invited on TV all the time to talk about what Twitter is, and what Facebook is – and even though I’ve been lecturing and training people on social media for a long time now, I’m still teaching them the same stuff – ‘Here’s how to use a hashtag…’ A lot of people still struggle with how to use tech. And I’m happy to help. It gives me immense joy and satisfaction.

The relationship between Dublin and tech is something we’re only really examining now, even though we’ve had tech companies here for so long. Everybody is beginning to clue into tech. Spaces are opening up. It’s just massive. There’s so much stuff going on in Dublin. It’s only when you scratch under the surface that you realize what’s out there. People can be very cynical about tech events in Dublin. I can be cynical about tech events in Dublin – it’s in our nature. But so much of what happens in this town is all about networking, and meeting people, the conversations you have, the ideas being exchanged… It’s all about the chat.

We need to come together more as a city. One of the things I’m involved with voluntarily is Dublin’s bid for European City Of Culture for 2020. So we’re talking to all the communities about what needs to be done to make Dublin a viable candidate. Sometimes there’s a negative perception about Dublin – the reality is brighter, and shinier, and happier, and the tech community is a big part of that story. Look at an area like Capel Street – there’s an amazing cluster of tech companies over the shopfronts, working away, that you never hear about. And I love that. We’ve got some great people spreading the word like Paddy Cosgrave and Eamon Leonard and Niamh Bushnell, but we’ve got to keep telling people, and find more ambassadors.

So what do I do? I tell people about things. And look for things to tell people about. And help people to make things better.


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