Tech Humans Of Dublin # 23: Tracy Keogh, Deposify

Tracy Keogh

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

I’m the Head Of Operations with Deposify, a deposit management service for landlords and tenants. I had been working in Corporate Finance and Recovery with BDO, and originally wanted to start my own company, but didn’t have the money I needed. I grew up in a pub, and I always knew that one thing I could fall back on was bar work but at a certain stage, even pub work was hard to find. I didn’t know what I was going to do – and then I met Jon (Bayle, Deposify founder), and I just had a good feeling about what he was doing.

Ireland isn’t our primary market but we’ll get our initial customers here a lot easier than we would if we were based in the states. I can ring someone I know up and say ‘Would you put me in contact with…’ Because she knows the guy I’m after. It’s not a cold intro. It’s so easy to get to talk to people here. There might be six degrees of separation everywhere else but there isn’t in Ireland. If somebody won’t talk to you, find their neighbour, or their grandmother, who’ll give them a nudge. Dublin gave us context too – thanks to the media coverage we got here, we got calls from companies in the US who wanted to work with us.

What do I love about Dublin? People, people, people, people. I’ve had some amazing opportunities. I came to Dublin from Galway to attend Startup Weekend. I ended up being offered a job coordinating it, and then ended up leading it, which was nauseating and great and intimidating and really exciting, all at the same time. I got the hang of things pretty quickly. I’ve had some amazing mentors, who really make you work for it, push you way further than you think you can go. Sometimes they have faith in you that you don’t have in yourself. And that’s how you learn. They’re the kind of people I surrounded myself with when I came to Dublin, and the reason why I do what I do.

I love to run in Dublin, and that’s because when I moved here first that’s how I found my way around the city. If you’re discovering things as you run, it’s so much more fun, and Dublin’s an amazing place to discover. You’re also less likely to get lost if you run the city. I used to get lost all the time.


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