Tech Humans Of Dublin # 13: Gaston Irigoyen, Guidecentral

Gaston Irigoyen Guidecentral

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

I’m from Buenos Aires. I was with Google for five and a half years – I was the fifth employee there when they launched their operations in Latin America. It was a great experience, like being with a startup within a huge company. After three years I came to Dublin, and became part of the team that rolled out the YouTube Partner Program in Europe, which essentially helps content creators make money on YouTube – which inspired a lot of what we do now at Guidecentral. We help makers build a DIY business by sharing their knowledge, professionalising their passions, and monetising their content. As entrepreneurs, as a society, the more we can align our passions with our jobs, the more efficient the world becomes.

What made me build my business here? It was a combination of personal and professional elements. I was aware that Dublin had a good startup community that was beginning to mature, and that there were excellent opportunities available for people who wanted to start a business. Even from a paperwork point of view – here, you can have a company in forty-eight hours. You can do your VAT return online. Simple things that make a big difference. Go ask someone in France, or Spain, or Argentina – these things can take months. On a more personal side, I had only been married for a few months when I decided to leave YouTube. My wife works for Twitter now – there were good opportunities here for us both. She brought the stability, which meant that I could take the risk and start a company. It’s a twenty-first century relationship – the woman pays the bills (laughs).

We’re in the process of opening a NYC office, but we’ll always be based here in Dublin. In many ways, it’s like starting all over again. On the other hand, we have more leverage now, we have a product, and a great team -now we get to go and tell our story there.



Gaston Irigoyen is the CEO of Guidecentral.


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