Tech Humans of Dublin: Vanessa Pegueros, DocuSign

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

I fundamentally like to help protect people, but I am not cut out for the military.

My name is Vanessa Pegueros, and I work as the Chief Information Security Officer for DocuSign. I am helping build our security centre of excellence here in Dublin.

We started with just one security person here a year and a half ago. Now we have IT, sales, customer service, finance and HR. It’s probably the most robust international office for DocuSign.

The expansion fits with the talent that is already present in Dublin as well as the talent that is easily drawn to the city. Part of it is the incredible energy in Dublin. In the US, Dublin is perceived as the technology hub of Europe, its high-tech centre. On top of that, Dublin is a friendly place to do business in. There’s a good cultural match, and minimal friction.

Eoin, our first employee, brought a network of people, who then introduced us to people from their networks. It’s all very relationship and reputation based.

I have been in security for 15 years and love its broadness. It has all the technical and people aspects to it. We work with the legal department and the technology engineering teams, along with HR, customer service and marketing. We have the best insight across the company of what’s happening.

Cybersecurity is a great way to protect people. You don’t have to go through all the difficult physical exercises of the real military.  As a field, cybersecurity is changing fast, especially in the past four years or so. That dynamic nature, with its challenges and threats, is a great field if you love learning, as I do.

I find Dublin very cool. There’s the old architecture, but there is also the sense of the new. And there is Guinness. I loved my first one here. Now I’m spoiled because they say you’re never going to get Guinness that tastes this good in the U.S.

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