Tech Humans Of Dublin #18: Graham Barker, DoSpace

Graham Barker DoSpace

I’ve just turned this barge into a floating co-working space, on Grand Canal Dock.

I was working on another project with a bunch of guys, we needed a space, and I said I’d take a look around and see what’s the options were in Dublin – the next day, I was walking past here, and I went ‘I wonder are there any offices on the water…’ And there weren’t. That was Friday evening. The following morning I went online, and found a barge. On Sunday, a friend drove me to Wexford, we looked at the barge… and by Monday I’d purchased it. So then I inquired whether I could put it here, and everything fell into place. This project wouldn’t be as easy as it’s been if there wasn’t that enthusiasm about what’s happening in tech in Dublin right now. It’s an exciting time. Everyone wants to work with each other.

We’re fully tech-enabled, and can fit seven people in the main office, we’ve also got a break-out meeting room – people can take permanent desks here, and we’re open to casual drop-ins. As we go on, we’ll be able to facilitate a three or four person office. The plan is to expand into additional barges. We’re also giving away 10 per cent of our space to non-profit social enterprises.

Let’s be honest: to step into a building, get into the lift, and go to your four-square metre desk space is probably easier then stepping onto the marina… but it’s not as much fun. And there’s just something about being on the water.

Graham Barker is the founder of DoSpace.

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