Tech Humans Of Dublin # 16: Kevin Loaec, Signatur

Kevin Loaec

Mapping Dublin’s tech ecosystem, one human at a time.

I came here because I knew I wanted to start a business, and it’s hard to do that in France – there’s a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork.

I looked at other countries, and I picked Ireland because it was using the Euro, and it was easy to create a company. I just didn’t know what kind of business I wanted to start. I worked for Microsoft for a year, then I worked for Colgate-Palmolive as an IT administrator – I’m not really an IT guy, but it’s really easy to find a job in IT in Ireland. After two years there, I just jumped in the startup world full-time. When I don’t find something that I want, I just create it myself.

Now I’m the co-founder of a startup that deals with bitcoin and blockchain technology – it’s the future. I also organize Hackers And Founders, a weekly event for startups. Back in France, I studied nanotechnology, I’ve always been interested in everything around tech – I suppose that’s why I’m always looking for new and interesting topics to focus my attention on.

Dublin’s really interesting for lots of reasons; it’s small, so you have access to the right people – if you want to talk to someone in government it’s do-able. Then there’s Enterprise Ireland, who are really helpful for early stage startups. It’s a really interesting place to be based. And it isn’t stressful, either, unlike a lot of capital cities. I like to drink coffee – my favourite place is Kaph, on Drury Street. Really, really good coffee.

When you’re into deep technology, it’s really hard to find people to talk to – the guys in Hackers And Founders are great for that. It’s really interesting to have a group of twenty or thirty people that you can talk about anything with. How nerdy can it get? Really nerdy.


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