PCH’s Liam Casey: Fortune Favours “The Guy”

Today’s must-read: Fortune’s profile of PCH founder and CEO Liam Casey:

‘His name isn’t well-known in elite business circles, but in the tech hardware scene, Liam Casey is “the guy.” He’s the one you call for a factory connection, the guy you hire for your packaging design, and the one you ask about FedEx negotiations. All you have to do is find him.’

PCH’s Highway1 accelerator features prominently in Bazillion Dollar Club, a new reality TV series (come on, it had to happen) due to debut in the US next month, fronted by Highway1 VP Brady Forrest and 500 Startups founder Dave McClure. Say hello to your new favourite show:

In every episode, Dave and Brady mentor a different hardware or software startup (which they’ve also invested in, P.S.) through an accelator program (read: startup boot camp). At the end, each company must present their product to a group of potential investors who hold the power to take the startup to the next level…or not.

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Photograph: Kevin Abosch

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