Notes From The Commish: A Great Idea

Sometimes realizations dawn on you quickly, sometimes slowly and sometimes it takes someone else’s clear thinking to help you see what’s likely been staring you in the face for months and months already.

And so it was with the idea that Dublin Globe‘s tech focused, high quality content was ready to be syndicated out to Irish friendly media outlets around the world.

Before my trip to the States in August, Irina, the editor of Dublin Globe suggested we connect with IrishCentral in New York to explore a content partnership. Irish Central is probably the largest Irish media outlet in the US with 3.5 million unique monthly visitors, half a million Facebook followers and 250,000 subscribers to their daily newsletter. Publisher Niall O’ Dowd and his team also describe their readers as tech savvy and hungry for news of innovation coming from Ireland.

Dublin Globe’s goal from the beginning was to engage audiences internationally in a conversation about Irish innovation, and though it’s true that more than half of our 11,000 subscribers are US based already, Irish Central’s reach and depth bring this conversation to a new level. In short, it’s a complete game changer for us.

So starting today, you’ll find Dublin Globe stories on Irish Central’s website a couple of times a week and in their newsletter, that goes out to a quarter of a million people in the US and beyond. We couldn’t be more excited.

Engaging the Irish diaspora has been an ambition of this office since the beginning. All it took was the building of a great publication and two smart editors, one after the other, to find the best ways to make it happen.

Niamh Bushnell

Final reminder: Next week Dublin gets taken over by SaaStock, Europe’s first ever SaaS conference. 100 VCs from the US and Europe are in town as part of the action so don’t miss it. You’ve been warned.

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