Notes From The Commish: Beaches and Bogs

Greetings from an extended bank holiday weekend in rural Donegal, another one of Ireland’s up and coming tech hubs. So say cheerleaders like me – and a great article in last week’s Boston Globe.

During my recent Listening Tour to London, I met VCs, accelerator leaders, and entrepreneurs. I asked them about Brexit and what they knew of Dublin’s tech ecosystem, and I came home with good answers to both.

Right now, the Brexit vote seems to be driving little more than a business as usual reaction from the key players in London’s burgeoning digital economy. No one I met is jumping ship, holding emergency board meetings, or even echoing the media rhetoric that seems pervasive to the rest of us. They’re all just too busy getting on with it.

There are however concerns about talent. Uncertainty makes it harder to attract key people to come and live in the UK, especially if they have spouses and families in tow. Schools, neighborhoods, communities and commutes. Since June 23rd, a move to the UK no longer feels like the opportunity it used to be.

Overall, though, my conversations in London – many of them with immigrants – left me with the impression of a steadfast focus on the present and a confidence in the future.

Confidence that the UK government will continue to do right by their digital economy in terms of tax, investment and talent policies.

To me, London remains a world class tech hub. And the opportunity that interests me most is the alignment of Dublin’s great tech story with London’s. Brexit or no Brexit.

It’s this huge opportunity I’m thinking about as I walk across the beaches and bogs of north-west Donegal.

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