Notes From The Commish: Dublin’s New Concierge

For over a year now this office has participated in organizing itineraries to Dublin for visiting journalists, investors, governments, corporations and international startups.

We’ve learned a lot from this work, namely:

1. The more hands on we are, the more successful the visit

2. Visitors prefer a curated experience

3. Well prepped companies are (even) more impressive

4. Visitors also want to have fun – It is Dublin after all!

When Sarah Leahy joined the office in January this year, we finally had the perfect person to fill the role of resident Concierge. Sarah is a Dub herself, loves this city and knows it inside out. And she’s quickly getting to know our startups and innovation hubs inside out too.

So, if you’re coming to Dublin and want to learn more about our tech city, Sarah can guide you and introduce you. Sign up for the Concierge service here.

If you’re a Dublin Startup and want to meet visiting investors, media and partners, the next 1st Friday Brekkie on May 6th might be a good time to say hello to Sarah, hear Rhona Togher, CEO of Restored Hearing speak, and chow down on scones and coffee with other enthusiastic members of the ecosystem. See you there.

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