Notes from The Commish: Intercom’s Soul

We’re in Berlin at the moment, piggybacking on the Inside Intercom World Tour, to talk about Dublin and the events we’re bringing to the Tech Open Air festival here in July.

Our guests at dinner – a mix of Intercom clients, local VCs and serial founders – are impressed with our pitch about Dublin, but no one tells a city’s story better than a great startup. And when it comes to Dublin, Intercom is happy to oblige.

Intercom has 10K+ customers, 10’s of millions in revenue, and a whopping $116M in funding, but it’s their products that are the stuff of legend.

Product is the reason why there’s a full house tonight in Berlin. And another full house awaits them on Tuesday back in Dublin – 1,200 people full.

People want access to the magic fairy dust that is Intercom and a good chunk of that magic comes from the company’s deep roots in Dublin.

Intercom was started in San Francisco, by 4 lads from Dublin. Intercom’s soul is a Dublin soul.

R&D is run out of Dublin where all 4 products are built from the ground up. Intercom’s talent is global, out of Dublin.

Intercom has taken over a former distressed Bank HQ in the center of Dublin. Call it karma or chicken soup for the soul, it’s the new narrative of Dublin.

Intercom is a great company that celebrates Dublin. But watch this space, they’re not alone by a long shot.

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