New data shows female-founded tech companies are on the rise in Ireland

New figures released by Tech Ireland show that Ireland has a rising number of female founders. The new data revealed that Ireland currently has 224 female-founded tech companies, employing  2,760 people.  

The findings also show that our female-founded companies are successfully funding – 43% have secured investment so far, with a number of these being in the millions.

And while this news is definitely positive and shows that the number of initiatives promoting women to get into tech are making a difference, you can’t ignore the fact that this is still a small number overall.

According to Tech Ireland, the 224 female-founded companies only represent 15% of the 1,460 companies it is currently tracking and it has taken us quite a long time to even get to this.  

That being said, the number has grown dramatically in recent years so we are on the right path.

You can see the full report on the findings below:

Source: Tech Ireland

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