Microsoft and CoderDojo kick off EU Code Week with youth leader digital skills programme

Microsoft has announced the ‘CoderDojo Champion Training Programme’ to kick off EU Code Week for 2018. The aim of the programme is to  give an extra 5,000 young people the opportunity to develop their digital skills.

Working with CoderDojo, the programme is specially designed to give young people who might have  little to no technological skills or experience free in-person training so they can start a Dojo of their own.

EU Code Week is an annual event that Microsoft has supported since 2003 and the initiative is also supported by the European Commission. Its aim is to encourage young people to give coding a try and to further develop their digital skills with events and initiatives happening right across Europe.

This year’s CoderDojo Champion Training Programme will be open in a number of cities and towns across Ireland, including UCC, Maynooth University, Carlow IT, Bank of Ireland’s Workbench in Kilkenny, Cork Migrant Centre and more.

To find out more about the programme and events near you, visit:

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