Toolbox: Dublin Tech Is Hiring

Dublin Tech Is Hiring

John Dennehy is the founder of, a full stack recruitment company. He’s worked with growing tech companies for twenty years. Here, he shares the 10 tech skills he’s seeing most in demand.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no wifi for the past decade you’ll know that most of the big global tech brands are growing fast in Dublin. They’ve created huge demand for development, sales and support professionals. But scratch beneath the surface of these wooly behemoths and you’ll find a host of smaller but incredibly successful companies all competing to hire the best people. Here’s a short overview of who’s looking and for what.


Microsoft has its European HQ in Dublin. It employs thousands and invests hundreds of millions in the city. It’s known for its outreach programs and generous support of the local tech community. This results in a large number of developers using Microsoft’s stack. Good .Net developers are in short supply and high demand, especially with full stack or Sharepoint experience.

Who’s hiring: Fleetmatics, Deloitte Consulting, Storm Technology, Fenergo


Many of the software companies that started in Dublin in the nineties and noughties unsurprisingly relied on Java for heavy lifting. Those that matured and scaled, are constantly looking for talented Java developers.  Big data experience, especially Hadoop, is a big benefit.

Who’s hiring: Version 1, Fineos, Xanadu, Terminal 4, Ryanair, Realex, LexisNexis, Newswhip


Ruby developers are true gems and are hard to find. Python’s the same. Both languages have grown hugely in importance especially with newer startups. We expect to see demand for both languages continue to grow significantly resulting in a further salary increases.

Who’s hiring: Zendesk, Sage, Clavis Insight, Brite:bill, Nitro


Almost every software company is looking for mobile developers. None more so than the company advertising for a Swift developer with ten years experience. Seriously, folks with native skills and a strong portfolio are the most after.

Who’s hiring: MTT, Axonista, Ding


Demand for frontend developers has increased hugely in the past five years. It’s not surprising. Mobile has increased the labour input required for frontend design. People have come to expect more from interfaces in terms of usability and aesthetics. The inevitable result is frontend developers being promoted to near the top of the tech food chain. If you know your containers from your factories and can explain the Angular digest cycle there are jobs aplenty for you.

Who’s hiring: *.*


It’s said that a data scientist is a statistician in San Francisco. It’s going the same way in Dublin. Whatever about the title, people who can ask the right questions, use tools to query large data sets, and articular their findings are in big demand. Typically the roles are advertised as data scientists with Matlab, Python and R. Or, the more common garden variety of business intelligence and data analysts.

Who’s hiring: Deloitte Consulting, Ryanair, Cartrawler


QA is often the forgotten child of the dev family but successful companies know its true value. The highest demand we’re seeing at is for QA Managers, performance testers, and automation engineers with Selenium or similar skills.

Who’s hiring: LogEntries, Ding, Dedsert, Globoforce


If somebody could nail a definition of DevOps we’d all be much the wiser. What is clear is that we’re seeing huge demand at for people with DevOps experience and skills. These include release build engineers and folks with Jenkins, Puppet and Chef. If decaying processes and poison queues float your boat you’ll find lots of hiring managers very interested in talking to you.

Who’s hiring: Smartbox, Ryanair, Bearingpoint, Ammeon


UX has finally come of age from a hiring perspective. Companies that truly understand the art are paying a premium, especially for mobile experience.

Who’s hiring: SAP, HMH, Axonista, Deloitte, Intercom

Apologies to all the product managers, BAs, sys admins, and UI people out there. Our editor slammed us for word count.

If you’ve got any of the skills above and would like to join a great team, feel free to email us at


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