INDUSTRY: The Product Conference kicks off at Dublin Castle, bringing together the world’s product people

The European edition of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference takes place on the site of Dublin Castle today and tomorrow.

INDUSTRY is an event specifically aimed at product people and will have 25 speakers from around the world, including Intercom co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Des Traynor.

Product management in the software or technology industry isn’t a role that has a traditional career path and isn’t always directly taught in university so the aim of the conference is to give people the opportunity to meet and converge with others in that space, learning about their experiences and the challenges they may have encountered along the way.

Unlike a lot of tech conferences these days, INDUSTRY maintains its focus with one single track throughout the day, meaning you don’t have to make any tough calls about choosing one stage or talk over the other.

The organisers also wanted to facilitate more casual and personal conversations so they’ve incorporated ‘talk-shops’ into the schedule. This means attendees can interact with the speakers they are most interested in and ask any questions they might have in a more informal setting than an on-stage Q&A.

Another quirk is the post-conference Slack community that is open to everyone who attends. This is curated via a pre-show questionnaire designed to match attendees with other product people the conference organisers believe are a good match for meeting.

Of course, the event will tie up with happy hour and an evening pub crawl so the mingling can continue well beyond the conference hall.

If you fancy grabbing a last minute ticket and heading along, click here:

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