Is it time for your startup to grow up? 4 tips to help you scale your business

We’’ve all been, met or heard of the hungry startup founder who never sleeps and works around the clock but is that really the best way to grow your business?

Of course, growing your business is going to take a lot of hard work and effort but this doesn’’t always have to involve burning yourself out. We’’ve outlined some simple steps below that all growing startups can take to scale:

It’s a balancing act!

Scaling your business isn’’t about working yourself to the point of burnout. You need to be at your best and sharpest so make sure you find some balance and your business will only benefit from that. It will show your staff that you understand the difference between working hard and burning out and help to breed a culture of balance in the workplace.

Whether it’’s getting more involved in your local startup community, attending some events or just taking time at home or on vacation, you should never be afraid to leave the office.

As the saying goes, a well-run business should be able to run itself so if you have the right people and workflows in place, there should be no issue with you getting away!  

The people you surround yourself with…

As I said, a well-run business should be able to run itself and that really comes down to whether or not you have the right people in the right positions and enough people to cover all bases.

Ask yourself this – could you do with more staff? Would it help with productivity? Would it lighten someone’s load and help you speed even faster towards your goals? If the answer is yes then do it! Make that hire.

Yes, people cost money but you really can’t put a price on talent. Behind every successful company or innovative product or piece of software is a super talented team.

Get involved

Being involved in the tech, startup or business community in your area is massively beneficial for everyone. As well as being able to share your experiences and learnings, you will undoubtedly gain a greater insight into the services and supports available to you.

Oftentimes, the community will organise events with experienced entrepreneurs or investors where you can network and get some advice or inspiration for your business needs.  

Be mature…

I’’m not talking about YOU, I’’m talking about your business. Even though you might be in your first few years, it’’s important to have some mature business practices in place for the more functional sides of your company, such as HR and finance.

Whether you are six months or six weeks in business, there is no excuse for sloppy books. Every business needs a good accountant.

And the same thing applies to legals. Having an experienced legal brain on your team is vital. When it comes to handling staff or commercial contracts, grant applications and everything in between, you will save yourself time and money by having someone who can handle this in-house.  

A good way of knowing whether or not you have everything in order is to ask yourself if someone from the outside was to walk into your business tomorrow, would all of your documentation be able to show them the inner workings of your company? If not, you need to sort it out.

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