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€1bn opportunity to make Ireland a global creative hub for streaming:
Via Silicon Republic:
Current spending on independent film and TV production could be leveraged from the current €200m a year to over €1bn to capture new online entertainment trends driven by Netflix and Amazon Prime. Stephen McCormack of Straywave.com, the production company behind TV shows like Fade Street, Love Clinic and Celebrity Salon, is the organiser behind Ireland’s first international TV/tech summit MediaCon which takes place next week (8 September) in the Mansion House… “We need a new vision for funding TV and film content that is similar to how venture capital funds are raised and leveraged in the tech industry.” READ MORE

ICANN: The internet admins come to Dublin:
Via The Irish Times:
ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is coming to Dublin. The occasion – a first for Ireland – is the 54th public meeting, and 17th annual general meeting, to be held by the Los Angeles-based non-profit organisation which has had technical and functional oversight of the internet since it was handed over from direct control as a US government project in 1998. “We have three meetings a year, and the objective is to agree common procedures” for the management of the internet, says Jean-Jacques Sahel, vice-president, ICANN Europe, who says that ICANN would like to bring more Irish stakeholders into the process. READ MORE

Irish mobile phone usage highest in the western world, global stats reveal:
Via Independent.ie:
Irish people are the biggest phone internet users in the western world, new global industry figures suggest. Statistics from Dublin-based research firm Statcounter show that Ireland has the highest penetration of phone internet users anywhere in Europe, North America or South America. The figures indicate that we use our smartphones for internet activity more than any other western country, with a third of all web access here now coming from our handsets. At the same time, our use of PCs to access the internet in Ireland has slumped from 77pc to 56pc in the last two years. READ MORE

Why U2’s Bono Isn’t A Billionaire:
Via Forbes:
This week, the blogosphere erupted with declarations that U2 frontman Bono had joined the billionaire ranks to become the world’s richest pop star following a lucrative investment in Facebook. Though Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site has helped investors including Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz achieve billionaire status, Bono is not among them. Despite reports to the contrary, Bono’s net worth remains below ten digits–at least for now. READ MORE

Game Designer Owen Harris interviewed:
Via Hunt And Gather:
“Life, left to its own devices, is a process of entropy and loss. I think it extremely sensible to fill it with as much pleasure as possible. Friendship, physical pleasure, creative satisfaction and indeed play. Life can seem very fast and chaotic if we do not take the time for pleasure. There are other reasons, smaller reasons. But death is probably the best one.” READ MORE

Salon Upselling: Learning the fine art of finessing:
Via The Phorest Blog:
I know my staff hate to sell. And when I train my staff to sell, they hate it because they think the client feels they are being sold to (And they’re not entirely wrong… We all hate to be sold to, right?). So instead of selling, I train my staff to prescribe. This means that they have to show the client the product, explain how to use it, show the benefits of using it and what problem it alleviates. That is all I ask of them. READ MORE

Why the future of content marketing is real-time:
Via The Newswhip Blog:
Since the emergence of the Internet, two major trends have changed the content and marketing landscape, with marketers in SMEs and brands having to react as these trends have played out. The first is that companies had to become increasingly like publishers, as search engines such as Google and Bing rewarded them for producing engaging content with better positions in their rankings. The nature of the Internet and network effect also made this content a powerful marketing tool when widely shared. The key was producing engaging content, attracting links and social engagements – producing poor content didn’t cut it. READ MORE:

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