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‘War on talent’ creates need for start-up funding:
Via The Irish Examiner:
The woman in charge of developing Dublin’s start-up ‘ecosystem’ is confident the Government will introduce tax breaks for people looking to invest in early stage companies which would unlock a huge warchest of crucial funding. Dublin Commissioner for Startups Niamh Bushnell is optimistic that a proposal made by the Dublin Start-up Leaders Group, which aims to make it easier for ordinary workers to invest in start-ups, will be unveiled in the upcoming budget, releasing up to €100m of early stage funding forcompanies. With Central Bank figures showing more than €98bn being held in short-term deposit accounts, accessing just a fraction could provide a huge boost to start-ups and help them compete for talent. READ MORE

Multinationals bring many benefits:
Via The Irish Times:
The contribution of multinational companies to the Irish economy is immense. Excluding the financial sector, there are about 1,000 US companies with operations in Ireland providing about 100,000 direct jobs. Each year, these companies pay €6 billion in wages to Irish employees, spend an average of €3 billion on fixed capital investment in Ireland and contribute €2 billion in corporation tax to the Exchequer. That is €11 billion a year, every year. READ MORE

Google investing €150m in new Irish data centre:
Via The Irish Independent:
Internet giant Google has started construction on a new €150m data centre in West Dublin. The first phase of construction is to be completed later this year. Google has also bought a 31 acre site adjacent to its existing facility at Profile Park, giving it the option to expand further in the future if it decides to do so. The new two storey data centre is Google’s second in Ireland, alongside one opened at Profile Park near Grangecastle West Dublin in 2012. READ MORE

Irish FinTech accelerators and incubators fuelling the next revolution:
Via Silicon Republic:
Things are looking up for the Irish FinTech sector, with more opportunities available than ever thanks to these Irish FinTech accelerators and incubators funding the next revolution. To paraphrase an old marketing slogan, ‘the future’s bright, the future’s FinTech’, or at least going by recent figures charting the success of current Irish FinTech accelerators and incubators. Back in March of this year, Deloitte released a rather optimistic report, which said that by the time 2020 rolls around, Ireland could support a further 5,000 jobs in the FinTech sector. READ MORE

In Conversation: Stripe CEO Patrick Collison On The Limitless Potential Of Payments:
Via Forbes:
“We certainly got discouraged. We believed it was necessary/important for some people. We didn’t appreciate just how broadly it would resonate and how quickly it would do so. We didn’t actually realize how quickly the finance industry would embrace it. To their credit, before we launched, Wells Fargo decided to work with us, American Express decided to work with us. Since we launched, many other financial institutions have. So the finance industry has gotten the memo on the importance of technology.” READ MORE

Dublin the ‘second friendliest city in the world’:
Via UTV.ie:
According to readers of Condé Nast Traveler, the Irish capital is only second to Sydney, Australia when it comes to feeling welcome. Results came from the publication’s Readers’ Choice Survey, with Dublin rising three places from last year to second spot. Niall Gibbons, chief executive of Tourism Ireland, said the placing was a “well deserved” one. “Again and again, our research shows us that the friendliness of our people is one of our unique selling points. READ MORE

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