Boston Calling: Irish Startups Wanted

Are you an Irish startup targeting the US market?

Risk management and security specialist Netwatch, who expanded into the US four years ago, is establishing a new Launch Space in its Boston headquarters for Irish companies targeting the North American market.

Located in the Newtown area of Boston, The Netwatch Launch Space will accommodate up to three Irish companies entering the market for the first time who will be given rent free office space for twelve months. The companies must be able to successfully demonstrate their capacity to build their businesses and win clients in the US.

In addition to providing office space, Netwatch’s internal Legal and HR specialists in the US will provide advice to the successful companies, while CEO David Walsh will offer mentoring and networking support to them during their tenure in the Netwatch Launch Space.

“The Netwatch Launch Space is about creating a connected community of Irish companies who can support each other as they seek to build their business here,” said Walsh. “Netwatch made the move in 2011 and we can give other Irish companies a real insight into our experience of setting up a base in the US, introduce them to our own network of clients and contacts including legal, financial and marketing advisors to ease their entry into what is a huge and varied market.”

A key requirement for companies seeking to use the Launch Space is that they have a permanent staff member located in the market. “It’s very difficult to break in to this market effectively without having a permanent base and a permanent representative on the ground. But there is huge goodwill and a very strong network of established Irish-American entrepreneurs willing to give Irish companies a chance to prove their credentials”, said Walsh.

“Enterprise Ireland provide great support to companies expanding abroad and have been a magnificent supporter of Netwatch. Our Launch Space complements Enterprise Ireland’s work. In addition, Fergal Broder in Lotus Works gave Netwatch a real hand up with free office space when we first decided to launch in the US and that was a huge benefit to us. So we see the Netwatch Launch Space as our opportunity to ‘pay forward’ the support we have received from them and the wider Irish-American Community as we built our business in the US”.

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 29th September. Companies will be offered accommodation by 31 October and selected firms must be in a position to take up the offer by June 2016.

Full details on eligibility and how to apply are available HERE.

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