Bank Holiday Bonus: The Magic Of Waterford Whispers

It’s a Bank Holiday in Ireland today, which means the entire country shuts down so that everybody can enjoy the rain in earnest.

Dublin Globe is spending the day purusing the archives of Ireland’s finest news source, satirical blog Waterford Whispers. You think we know Dublin tech?

WWN can reveal that when attempting to contact Crack Den for an interview it became evident it was an actual crack den. Martin Roche, singled out as the ‘tech leader’ by several sites explained the misunderstanding to WWN.

“I stumbled into the Facebook offices there the other day, you know, asking if they had any money – spare change and that and next thing I know I’m ushered into the boardroom,” said Roche.

A homeless man for several years now, Roche went on the explain that he tried to correct the misunderstanding, but was shouted down with larger offers to buy Crack Den and its premises.

“I just sort of legged it when they kept shouting, and then I was only out the door when some lad from Google was running down the road after me with a blank cheque book,” an uncomfortable Roche added.

So funny it’s not even funny, if you know what we mean. Normal services will resume tomorrow.

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