Startup Ireland and Ibec reveal Ireland’s first Startup Manifesto

Startup Ireland and Ibec have officially launched Ireland’s first Startup Manifesto.

The document was prepared following extensive consultation with industry stakeholders and represents a checklist of actions required to ensure that Ireland moves towards being a globally relevant startup hub.

Speaking as the manifesto was presented to Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys, Lorcan O’Sullivan, the Startup Ireland Manifesto Coordinator, said:

“Ireland is recognised as having a lot of the essential elements to be an attractive Startup hub. However, when benchmarked against other countries, we see gaps in the ecosystem and the policy here which need to be addressed.

“If Ireland is to attract and retain entrepreneurs capable of building globally competitive startups, we need to ensure that Ireland has a startup environment better than competing locations.”

The purpose of the manifesto is to highlight areas that need improvement and to offer possible solutions to ensure that Ireland becomes a globally relevant startup hub. The manifesto seeks to address issues across four key pillars – access to talent, access to finance, startup supports and the general business environment.

Ibec CEO, Danny McCoy, said: “Ireland must work harder to encourage more people to start their own business. While it is an easy place to start a business, it appears to be a difficult place to grow one. Ibec is supporting Startup Ireland to make the path of entrepreneurship easier, more resilient and above all, encouraging. Simple steps outlined in this manifesto will help achieve that. Substance requires identifying solutions, not focusing solely on problems”

Startup Ireland’s hope is to reflect the views and perspectives of as many entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and other key figures within the startup scene in Ireland.

This manifesto should become a living document which is updated annually to ensure relevance and accountability.

Startup Ireland’s advisory board will be producing position papers and budget submissions to address priority areas of concern, including the current capital gains tax treatment for entrepreneurs, employee share option schemes and access to Angel finance.

You can view and download the full manifesto here.

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