Notes From The Commish: Space MatchMakers

If you receive our Dublin Globe Digest of a Monday morning you may have noticed my colleague Cathal’s post yesterday morning:

Through the course of our work at this office, we’ve found a consistent problem faced by Dublin startups – office space. With that in mind, we’ve decided to play matchmaker and connect those with spare capacity, with those that need it. If you have some spare desks in your office, please let us know details and costs here…

As Cathal describes it, this matchmaking service will connect startups in Dublin to available space on a case by case basis, but it’s just step one in a much more ambitious effort to measure the demand for space, and establish real and sustainable solutions for fulfilling it.

Startup space is a challenge for tech cities across the world and this office has been stumped more than once already in our efforts to resolve it for Dublin. In April last year we set up the DSSI – the Dublin Startup Space Initiative – but after a preliminary report and meetings with the NTMA, NAMA, Ibec and Dublin City Council, it was clear that we lacked the resources and planning to spur key decision makers to action.

This time around we’ve partnered with Activating Dublin – a joint initiative of Dublin City Council and Dublin Chamber of Commerce which is also behind the establishment of this office – and our aim is to put real numbers and qualitative research on the table that exposes vacant property stock, the current and future demand for space by startups of all persuasions, and the opportunity cost of not finding more flexible and creative solutions to Dublin’s space issue.

So, our matchmaking service is the start of something much more important for Dublin. That said, if you or your company have some additional space – for maybe 3 or 6 or 12 months – let us know about it and we’ll connect you to next wave of innovative companies building teams and big futures out of Dublin.

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