10 Takeaways From #MediaCon 2015, In Tweets

As international TV and tech events go, today’s inaugural MediaCon at Dublin’s Mansion House was quite the success.

Several generations of international media professionals gathered to discuss, dissect and (occasionally) disrupt the ever-shifting media-verse, from local production legend Morgan O’Sullivan to BBC Trending’s Annmarie Tomchak to Newswhip’s Man Of The Moment Paul Quigley. Here, then are a few key takeaways, via the audience:

1. Never, ever be afraid to address the elephant in the room:

2. Slow TV is now officially a thing:

3. If you want to bring the house down, wheel out BB-8:

4. Also… Niche is nice:

6. TV is the new cinema:

7. If you want to class the joint up, invite the Lord Mayor (she lives next door):

8. Social is the new TV:

9. Facebook Live is going to be massive… probably.

10. There’s always room for an old TV fave:

The Bottom Line: Roll on #mediacon2016:

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