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Money Matters: Reliefs for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Money Matters, conversations about financial matters for startups with Roseann Heavey, a partner at Noone Casey. Let’s talk about reliefs and …

23 January 2017 / By Roseanne Heavey

Dublin’s Key Role in the Global Cybersecurity Challenge

You never have to look too far for a headline about the latest hack. The most recent one showed the dark side of …

04 November 2016 / By Jonathan Keane

20 Newsletters to Digest and Follow

We love a good piece of writing around here and it turns out, there’s a lot of it in the Dublin Startup ecosystem. …

05 September 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Start Me Up: Moving to Dublin 101

The twitter bio of David Scanlon, a Venture Investment Leader with NDRC and former project executive in Enterprise Ireland, reads thusly: “Used to sell Ireland”.

29 April 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

AV/VR/DUB: Dublin Gets Real

Dublin continues to be a world leader for Augmented and Virtual Reality. Many of these technologies will be showcased at the 3rd annual AR/VR Innovate event later this month.

22 April 2016 / By Simon Cocking

Primer: Meet Dublin’s MedTech Contenders

Eureka moments in MedTech are not trivial. When you are surrounded by more than 27,000 fellow MedTech inventors, creators, manufacturers, researchers and providers, however, those moments have a better chance to land.

29 March 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova

3 Leading VCs’ View of SaaS in Europe

With big SaaS names like Zendesk, Intercom, Teamwork, New Voice Media, and many more besides emerging out of Europe in recent years, it is clear that SaaS in Europe is on the up.

14 March 2016 / By Michael Cullen

Dublin Tech Does SXSW 2016: The Definitive Guide

The office of the Dublin Commissioner for Startups aka Startup Dublin are bringing the Irish capital on the road with a series of celebratory events called Dublin Makes Me, comprising three different events to attract international founders, media and investors interested in knowing more about Dublin.

10 March 2016 / By Roisin Kiberd

@SXSW 2016: Dublin In The House

Are you Irish and going to SXSW? Or not Irish, but interested in Ireland? Or are you just looking for somewhere truly out of the ordinary to spend your Friday night?

08 March 2016 / By Roisin Kiberd

Learning Curve: 5 Keys To Dublin EdTech Success

A constantly developing and improved unique mix of commercial savvy, noble passion, successful legacy, strong international relations and a culture of giving are behind the success of SoapBox Labs and a growing number of other EdTech startups.

22 February 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova