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The ‘stupid parlour tricks’ from a Silicon Valley superstar that will fix your business pitch

Entrepreneurs make rookie mistakes all the time when they’re pitching. I should know – I’ve worked with a few thousand of them. Usually …

28 June 2017 / By Fora.ie

Legal Briefs: Me, Myself, and My Company

Legal Briefs, conversations about the tech and startup world with Máire Cunningham, a partner at Beauchamps Solicitors. Tell us about company ownership and …

27 February 2017 / By Irina Dzhambazova

Moving to Dublin 101: Work Permits for Techies

Article sponsored by Ding. The hardest thing about getting a work permit for a candidate moving to Ireland from outside the EU is …

14 November 2016 / By John Dennehy

Legal Briefs: The Company You Keep

What are the options for startups in converting their private companies under the Companies Act 2014? What should they expect from the process and what should it cost?

08 April 2016 / By Máire Cunningham

Key Takeaways From The 2nd Dublin SaaS Meetup

A group of aspiring entrepreneurs and founders from Dublin’s vibrant and ever-growing SaaS startup scene gathered to learn from some of the industry’s foremost investors about how to go about raising seed and series A funding.

04 March 2016 / By Michael Cullen

Life’s A Pitch: Meet Dublin’s Pitch Coach

The starting point of any pitch is the audience. Who are you pitching to? You need to know your business more than anyone...

18 February 2016 / By Catherine Moonan

The Top 4 Legal Mistakes To Avoid As A First-Time Founder

Using Frontline VC’s newly published Startup Navigation Manual to get your ducks in a row as you are ‘starting up’. When you first …

11 February 2016 / By Siofra Flood

Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize (Part One)

Losing sight of the market can be one of the biggest threats to your startup. Siobhan Maughan of Integrated Thinking is a product …

10 December 2015 / By Siobhan Maughan

What I Learned About Running A Tech Firm From Gay Byrne (Part Two)

#2 Data driven insights rule. We made a major data-driven decision every week on The Late Late Show. Our source data was the …

15 October 2015 / By Donal Scannell

Money Matters: Top Ten Takeaways From #budget2016

Startup specialist accountants Noone Casey join us to address startup financial matters. “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t …

14 October 2015 / By Roseann Heavey