Dublin FinTech Review: First Quarter 2016

The first three months of 2016 were a hectic start for FinTech. Here is a recap of the highlights and key events in Irish FinTech, with some key global trends and news.

27 May 2016 / By Aman Kohli

Notes from The Commish: Intercom’s Soul

We’re in Berlin at the moment, piggybacking on the Inside Intercom World Tour, to talk about Dublin and the events we’re bringing to the …

26 May 2016 / By Niamh Bushnell

Words of Wisdom: #IrelandsGreatForTech

Catalysing engagement between the multinationals, the successful homegrown companies, and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, is one of Dublin's signature potentials. Thoughts on why Ireland is a great place for tech.

23 May 2016 / By Donal Scannell

Notes on a Dublin Kickstarter Campaign

There is a unique thing about Kickstarter campaigns: the lack of a high-level view. Rather, you are forced into its centre, walking in it every stubborn step of the way.

23 May 2016 / By Luke Brennan

Tech On Tap: HubSpot Believes In Dublin Tech

HubSpot, a proponent of the concept of inbound marketing and creator of a powerful technology to enable its execution, recently announced a move to a new Dublin office and the creation of 320 new jobs over the next few years.

20 May 2016 / By Irina Dzhambazova